Energy Healer

I have been working with all levels of the human energy field and the deepest regions of consciousness for over 20 years, healing one-on-one, in distance sessions and also teaching individuals and small groups of people.

I am able to perceive energy in and around the bodies of people, pets, places and things and by tuning into that frequency, I am able to communicate directly with the energy that is causing blockages, hindrances and dis-ease.

A brief summary of my background and some of the techniques I use:

Certified Theta Healer
• ThetaHealing® is a technique that focuses on thought and prayer and puts to use our natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is to do the actual “work' to create instantaneous physical and emotional healing.

Certified Chios (Life Force) Master Teacher
• A comprehensive and powerful aura and chakra-based energy healing art in which specifically and powerfully heals the true, root energetic defects in the aura and chakras.

Additional Studies
• With Alix Sandra Parness, D.D at the Inner Focus School for Soul-Directed, Advanced Energetic Healing in Madison WI (Barbara Brennan Light School).
• 'Hands of Light, and Light Emerging' practices as well as anatomy, biology and Energetic Anatomy.
• I have worked with Master John Douglas and Alberto Villoldo as well as my former teachers on extensive levels to heal and repair consciousness within my own being. As we know, life is a continuous event; healing and self awareness is a courageous adventure. 

Vision Skills
• Clairvoyance ( clear seeing )
• Clair-audience ( clear hearing )
• Clair-sentience (clear feeling or sensing )
• Medical Intuition ( a non-diagnosis form of looking into the body )

• Allowing spoken guidance to come through from our guides, higher selves, future selves and higher beings.

Chakra Healing
• Balancing and Scanning- Reading the Energy.
• By tuning into the major chakras of the body, I am able to view the health of the client, and assist them in finding energy that is in need of healing on
a physical level, emotional level, mental and spiritual level.

Space Clearing
• Clearing and healing energy from objects and buildings.

A.R.T: (Awareness Release Technique)
• This process allows you to identify energy patterns that manifest in the body and field, and to use conscious awareness, which is a quality of the soul, to access core issues and allow them to release and reveal their deep lessons.

2-point Healing
• Magnetizing the hands, then laying them on the body to create awareness of places in need of healing. I also use this skill to energize and impute frequencies into space.

• Locating hooks, chords, and blockages, allowing them to unwind and release.

• Giving the energy assistance, through charging, balancing and circulating specific colors through out their field.

Distance Healing
• Healing via the telephone. Distance is not an issue for energy work. Its just a matter of tuning into the frequency and vibration of the Quantum Field in Consciousness.

Tone and Sound Healing
• By listening to the sound of the energy, expansion happens and allows awareness to open blocks or perceived dysfunction which then creates the ability of a portal to open and release un- needed or unwanted energy from the field.

I am also trained and Certified in a range of other modalities, which include:
• Akashic records, Drum Medicine Keeper,  Crystal Healing, Re-birthing, Sound healing, Shamanic healing, Past life regression,
Native American Traditions, Buddhist Teachings and Many Unique Meditation Styles.

• $90 for a Professional Healing Session.
• Package deals for 6 months to a year which are a bit more extensive, requiring a strong desire and commitment to move forward in awareness. Call to discuss details.


Phone: +1 307-690-3190

Based in Jackson, Wyoming

" I love all things real and mystical.  My PASSION is to help others heal themselves "